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Searching For A Star To Add To Your Family?

Our Kittens Pass the "Purr' Test with flying colors!

Our kittens have an added touch of love and sweetness to add joy to your home.Our kittens are raised with us in our home alongside our Kids ,Family Raised ,lovingly and with a great deal of affection and Constant Care.

Your Kitten will be Pre-Spoilt ,Hugged & Cuddled bundle

of love.Our Kittens are bred for sweet temperament aand health.

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We are a very small cattery and have only a few Persian and Himalayan Kittens each year.
Our Moms and Dad live in our home  as our beloved pets and have free run of our home.
We are a FELV/FIV/PKD Tested Cattery.

Our Kittens are born and raised in our Home as Our Home is Our Cattery, We are CFA
Registered, They are raised as our kids and with our kids ,New Mothers are confined to our Bedroom and babies are never caged but confined till they get their first vaccination and are using the litter box, then they get to explore. All Kittens leave with two vaccinations ,litter box
trained and completely spoilt and well socialized and used to the daily hustle and bustle of our home
including kids.:-)Our Kittens are also used to being Bathed and groomed from an early age.
Our goal is to produce Healthy ,sweet tempered spoilt babies. Each Kitten Leaves with their
Vaccination Record , Educational Package , Starter Kit , and
 Before leaving Kittens  are bathed, nails trimmed.

Shipping is available@ $275 (WEATHER PERMITTING ) at Buyers Expense and is separate than the price of the kitten .We Prefer to Ship Via Continental Airlines , We Enjoy meeting as many new parents if at all
Please Note: In Most Cases
Kittens are Ready to go to their New Homes at 12 weeks and older, ( NO
EXCEPTIONS ), If Shipping is Required the age of the Kitten will be atleast 16 weeks or older,  Allowing for Rabies Vaccinations and a Long Plane Ride.




                 Bringing Your Kitten Home


We Are Located in Central Nebraska 


 * All Our Kittens and Parents are CFA Registered  and FELV/FIV Tested.

*  All Our Kittens Leave "Only" after 12/14 weeks, 16 weeks if being shipped

*  All Our Kittens are Vaccinated twice before they leave, Vaccinations we use are Protex-3 Modified Live for


*  All Our Kittens are used to being Groomed and Bathed and nails trimmed before they leave.

*  All Our Kittens are well adjusted and  used to being cuddled and held by our entire family.

*  Shipping is 275,  within the USA , This includes Airfare, Pet Carrier, Rabies Vaccination, Vet Health Certificate, and Transportation to the Airport. It is Separate than the price of the kitten. Kittens that require shipping must be paid in full 2(two) weeks before shipping. Shipping costs are responsibility of the Buyer/Adopter.

* A Non-Refundable deposit of $150 is required to hold and reserve your kitten , without a deposit we cannot hold or reserve your kitten. Deposit goes towards the price of cat/kitten to be reserved, if buyer changes their mind deposit is non-refundable.

* PET Kittens are Placed on a Strict SPAY/NEUTER Agreement( If they  are not already S/N ) , NO Papers will be given without VET Certified Proof of Alteration being provided.

* All Kittens/Cats are sold with a Contract with a genetic health guarantee for one full year

Guarantee is limited for Replacement Kitten only, proper proof from Vet Must be provided before Replacement kitten will be provided, Shipping of a replacement kitten is the responsibility of the buyer/adopter, Any vet fee associated with kitten after it leaves our home is the responsibility of the buyer/adopter.

There are no cash refunds.


*We Reserve the right to refuse the placement of any cat/kitten listed as available on this site at any time without explanation.

Cat/Kittens will not be declawed without the written consent of the  seller/breeder. If declawed without the written consent of the seller/breeder the contract is null and void.

* New Owners MUST Provide Clean ,Sanitary environment and living conditions for Cat/Kitten, Proper Medical Care Must be provided when and If needed.

* ALL our Cats/Kittens are STRICTLY Indoors and placed only in STRICTLY INDOOR HOMES.

* If you are close enough to drive  and visit us we do accept  and enjoy visits but please do set up a time to visit, since we are also a Family with kids and school activities ,etc

* By Contacting Us for a cat and kitten, You agree that you have read and understood our terms and conditions.

Stud Service

We are a Closed Cattery and Do Not Provide Stud Service

Please Note:  To Everyone on our waiting list, Please keep contact with us every so often to check back for birth announcements, If you have found a kitten ,please do take a minute and drop us a line so we may remove your name from our waiting list. Thank you:-)



Payment Options

PayPal -

 PayPal allows you to safely purchase your kitten using your credit or debit card.

When purchasing via PayPal, , Please Add 4% to The Amount being sent in.

Money Order

You may also pay Via Money order,

Sorry we do not accept personal checks.

Please remember if picking up your  Kitten to pay in cash or Prepay.


What we feed


Iams Adult

Iams Kitten

Canned Fancy Feast/Friskies/

Baby Gerber Chicken( as Treats)

Kitty Bloom Vits /

Cooked Chicken





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